Android Widget crushed under the weight of a Marshmallow?

Just upgraded to Android 6 (Marshmallow) and now the widget fails to load my routines. Anyone else experiencing this before I tickle ST’s support line?

Working fine on my Nexus 9 with MM 6.0.1.

My SharpTools widgets work just fine on my Marshmallow phone, and Lollipop…

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Has been working for me since last November on my Nexus 6P running Marshmallow. Have you tried removing it and re-adding it?

Yes I have re-added the widget. It seems the only way it works is if I open the ST app and then go back to the phone home screen and retry the sync. It will then populate but soon after it goes back to an error getting “Home Location” and I have to open the ST app again to fix it.
It’s almost like Marshmallow is suspending or closing the ST app now whereas before it was always running in the background.

the widget seems perfect for routines and simple changes… wink’s app does it… smartthings seems to have forgotten that their widget even exists, it’s so lackluster and the design is garbage.

Update as to the resolution of my issue.
I have always used the power saving mode (non-aggressive) in Android for years with no ill effect. After upgrading to Marshmallow things starting acting up like the ST widget. It appears that Marshmallow is quite aggressive now in power management and that means limiting data to widgets like ST and weather.
I have now had to turn off any power management to have my widgets work as intended. My battery is definitely going down quicker during the day. :frowning:

The whole app crashes on my galaxy S5. Just upgraded app - no help.

@sandman_max Probably bad timing. Yesterday around the time you posted ST was having stability issues.