Android Wear, IFTTT, and Garage Door Opener

Hi all, I tried doing a search on my issue, but I wasn’t able to find anyone having a similar issue. So I have the Linear GD00Z4 installed to control my garage door, and it works perfectly with @garyd9 custom device type. I am also integrated with IFTTT, and recently just got a Moto360 2nd gen. I was able to create a recipe on IFTTT so that if I push a button on my Moto360, it opens the garage door. The problem is that if I push the button again (after waiting at least 30 seconds), the garage door will not close.

At first I thought the problem was that IFTTT only allows me to “turn on” a switch with the command, so I created another recipe with an “off switch” command to close the garage door, but no dice. Does anyone have any ideas, or any insight on what I might be missing?


Honestly, I think you are missing SharpTools, imho…

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