Android Version 1.6.2 and iOS 1.6.3 Crashing

So I am new to the community. Just go the hub and paired two devices so far. But running into just one problem…

I can log into the app fine with no problem from any device and so can my second user. But when we click on the “Things” from the dashboard it will try to load and then crash.

This is happening on regardless of android device with KitKat 4.4.2. As the title states of the s/w ver. 1.6.2 build 1622. I’ve cleared cache and as well as data. But still no go.

On the iOS device (iphone 5 with 7.1.2) and ST app version 1.6.3.

This started to happen when I added the second user on the account.

Is there way to remove the second users and any mobile presence from the “Things”. Seems like when I added the my second user and mobile presence it’s been crashing. Not sure if that’s the root cause or not but thought I ask anyway.

So at this point I can not control my device’s manually from any devices leaving me useless for this product till a fix comes out.

Any suggestions…?!