Android Version 1.6.1

So the new version today sighted dropcam support.

Mine still does not work. Can only see pictures if i am in the app when i take them other than that it will freeze the app and i sometimes have to reboot my phone.

Does it work for anyone?


1.6.1 did fix priming the photo carousel.

It would be nice if we could more easily see the photo timestamp.

ooh yeah the carousel is working. Is there a place to look so we know what gets fixed specifically?


so it is working for you now? I saw a notification in my email that hinted that it was still not working?

Android app is much imporved don’t get me wrong, this dropcam thing is just getting a little old for me…


Yes it is working now. I was on 1.6 and then upgraded to 1.6.1 and noticed it now works.

If I recall, the workaround did not work for you so yours is a different problem than what I think most of us other Android users had.