Android tv hdmi stick advice

I dont have a lot of experience in which android tv sticks allow android phone apps to run

I have a certain phone app i would like to run full screen 24/7 on my tv and i hope there is some way of accomplishing it

Advice would be much appreciated

You can sideload the phone app over to android TV and see if it’s going to work. Some phone app requires Google services to run. Just do a Google search on sideload apps to Android TV.

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Android Tv ?? Is that on O/s on a stick ?

My current tv is an LG that has its own limited set of apps available, im looking to plug a stick into a spare hdmi slot and run an app on that stick so if i switch input its there ready full screen

I’m assuming you mean something like this:

Exactly that type of thing my only reservation is the ability to use the google app store and associated apps or in my case an individual app

This is Smartthings related to some extent. I have just installed a new security camera and want to run the associated android phone app full screen on my tv. The Smartthings tie in comes from IFTTT via camera to St which is not ideal but worth playing with. My main goal to start with is to get the security cam full screen on my Tv

yeah…but that has nothing to do with ST or IFTTT. What type of camera is this? I don’t think you’re going to be able to do what you want to do.

Its a Hik 2335 running off an injector direct to no3 router… dont ask, it has on board storage which saves me some cost but does make it awkward to get the cameras footage on the Tv
I appreciate an NVR would make life easier but its a expense i dont really need to spend

No idea why i said i had an LG tv above… its a 65"sammy but regardless the in built apps are just as limited

Not familiar with the camera…is the feed accessible with an mp4 or RTSP stream? If so, you could access it through VLC and that can be fullscreen on your TV. First thing you need to do is determine what your camera offers, then you can figure out how to accomplish what you want. But again…this doesn’t really have a thing to do with ST. How are you interfacing the camera to IFTTT?

I’m also not finding that model number. You sure it’s right?

Hikvisions own cloud connection which is free, it allows IFTTT connectivity. I appreciate its not an ST in particular post but as most of us are pushing the limits on tech there isnt really a better place to ask questions like this

Well…you didn’t answer my other questions…do you have the model number right? I can’t find that camera.
What capabilities for streaming does the cam have? RTSP? MP4? Are you accessing the stream from any other software currently?

Using there own app at present to access the cam web interface locally only

Apart from the Dahua Starlights these gems are about as good as it gets for night work

After a quick look through the manual, you should be able to access directly from a web browser. Try accessing it trough the cam’s ip right in your browser. If you are doing this in Chrome, you could then send it directly to your TV from that with a Chromecast. I think that’s going to work a lot better than trying to get a Chromestick of some kind to do what you want it to do. But the only way to have a dedicated input that will be “always on” to view the cam is an NVR. Sorry.

Yeah the usual way to configure hiks is via web interface, ivms or an NVR( there own software for config ) so i guess i could stream but thats not really an elegant solution, too many variables for reliability. I thought it might be a long shot tbh but as there are soo many tv sticks around its impossible to know what capabilities each has and might be usefull

Yeah…you’d have to check with them. As far as I know, what you are looking for is capable from an NVR or an NVR like system (like one of the options for Raspberry Pi).

I havent got the time for pi tbh thats a bit outside my knowledge and available time base
Il keep looking anyways and if i do find an answer il post back

It looks like you can access the camera from RTSP. If that is the only thing you need, I suggest a Fire TV and something like this app:



I have 16 cameras that all stream “to this app” and it works great.

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Do you have to sideload those or are they in the app store?

Don’t forget @fido is in Europe.

yeah, there too

Thanks guys, yeah i am in the Uk but my initial post is pretty universal, the software is not really the problem, Hikvisions own software ties the connection direct to there cameras or NVR`s, not really going to go down the security aspect as that is a whole nother post, best security is not to allow outside connection at all but thats not the point of my post which was how can i get a phone app onto a stick and display on a HDMI connection on a Tv