Android tracphone

I just installed some switches and a few outlets. Everything is o.k., when I’m on a network, but it crashes when im trying to log on by phone, anybody know the settings I should use for my phone? thanks Brian

What version of Android is it running? Have you rebooted the phone and tried to re-launch the application. What is the error message you are receiving?

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If you just need basic view and control, it’s worth considering the lightweight of browser based SmartTiles SmartApp.

thanks fo responding, it android 4.3, its a new phone zte and im new to the community. Thanks Brian

I no longer have that version of android to test. I do not think it is the version from your issue. However it could be something on the phone. Have you reset or restarted the phone? Have you cleared data cache? How much memory is available to the phone?

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I think has to do with the settings of mobile networks. But I am not sure. It a ZTE z797c tracphone Thank for your help