Android STSC app crashing (18 April 2019)

Anyone else having problems with their app on Android? Mine started last night with the favorite page. Start scrolling down until I reach the bottom & the app closes/crashes! This is on the new app.

I’ve already uninstalled the app multiple times & restarted the phone but none of this helps.

I had the same issue which started last night right before bed. It was working fine all evening until that point. However, it’s been working fine today.

Yeah, that’s about the same time mine started. Weird. Mine also seems to be working fine now.

@Paul_DeFeo and @Eric_Branch, out of curiosity, is the new app changing the name of your mobile presence device? I changed the name a couple years ago in the Classic app, and it’s been fine up until this update for the new app. It seems to be using the phone’s name that I gave it within Android -> Settings -> About Phone. But not only that, it add’s my account name in front of the phone’s name, it it becomes “John Constantelos’ John’s Note 5” instead of “John’s Phone” like it use to be.

I can change the name back, and it stays that way until I open the new app. Are you guys seeing this behavior too?

BTW, the new app crashes on me all the time and isn’t usable, and that was since a couple versions ago too.

@johnconstantelo I only use the new app so the phone name has been consistent for me.

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Same here. But it does use the name that is given to the device that’s under the settings that you referenced.

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@Eric_Branch See if your problem shows up again after you arm SHM. My issue came back last night after I was using the app for a long time working on some automations. My device tiles disappeared and the app crashed when I scrolled. I realized my SHM went to armed state during this time due to one of my nightly automations. I disabled the SHM state and the issue went away. No more crashing and my tiles came back. Support request #728761 submitted to Samsung.

Yep, it’s back again this morning. Mine doesn’t matter what state it’s in! If I scroll down down all the way to the bottom the app closes/crashes! I’ve also just notice a few of my devices show up as unknown until I click on them to show the details. Not sure what’s going on!

Welcome to the new app, unfortunately…