Android SmartThings

Any issues? I haven’t heard one way or another yet.

I have not had any problems with this version.

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I’ve had it about ten days now. It seemed to screw up my presence sensing until I disabled and enabled it again. While I often see that when the app updates it doesn’t normally happen with my personal phone. ‘Scan nearby’ was a little eccentric when I tried it the other day - it didn’t always prompt me for a choice of hub. Whether I can truly pin any of that on the app update is another matter. Apart from that there isn’t really anything to say about it.

Update: Actually it turns out the presence hasn’t worked in my phone all week.

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I had the same presence location issues, but what I did to resolve it for me was to toggle airplane mode on/off on my Galaxy S22+, then ‘bam’ I was home and Disarmed.