Android presence works imtermittently?

the past 2 weeks or so I’ve noticed that the presence app I have installed on my Android is working intermittently. Some days it works fine, some it only detects arrivals, some only departures. The fact that it works occasionally suggests that the geofence configuration isn’t causing the problem. Not only does it look ok when I check it, but if it was wildly wrong then the app would never work.

Has anyone else seen flaky behavior from this lately? I find it troubling because one of my main uses is for home security monitoring, so when I go to work and the system never bothers to arm itself then I’m left vulnerable. If I have to remember to check the setting every time I leave home then I might as well not bother to have the app.

My wife and I have similar problems with iOS. We’re not alone; it’s a problem for many users. The issue probably isn’t the same for Android users, but in iOS, I’ve so far found that opening the app starts presence working again, suggesting that after it starts running in the background it eventually stops working as a presence device. For my phone that rarely happens since I’m often fiddling with it, thus keeping it alive. For my wife (who couldn’t give a crap about this whole smart house thing), it’s a problem.

I wouldn’t rely on presence to arm a security system for now. It’s too buggy. That said, contact support through the chat feature in the app–the more issues they hear about, the better a solution they can ultimately provide.

I have similar issues with my Android as well. If I have my GPS enabled, and run the app though, it often figures things out. But even that way, isn’t a guarantee…

Mine is not working all the time either. I guess I have to go to the keychain sensor even though I really don’t want to. Why doesn’t this work???

My keychain sensor works even worse than the Android presence app, not reliably detecting when I left but conversely having false “left” events when my keys were hanging on the wall 10 feet from the hub. Not great to have your system arm itself in the middle of the night while you are inside the house. For a while I was getting pretty good operation from the Android app, but not anymore. I guess something changed in one of the recent updates to the software.

For whatever reason ST hasn’t figured out how to use mobile presence APIs in Android. I have several other apps that use geofencing and have never had an issue with them. I am on a development team at work for mobile so I have used every Android phone under the sun for testing and the vasts majority of them are worthless as ST presence detectors.

The only one I have found that works is the Nexus 4, and it actually works phenomenally well. The Nexus 5 however is worthless as a mobile presence. The Galaxy S3 can also work but it seems to take several installations of the mobile presence for it to stick.

The standard reply from the ST Android team is the app can only work as well as the phone knows its own location. Well, every modern Android phone I have used is very good at knowing its location, and my heavy use of geofencing dependent apps proves that. Without fail when I pull into my work parking lot the rules on my device kick in to set the device to silent. The second I pull out it reverses that and turns the sound back up. Setting a reminder on Google Now to remember to get milk when I’m at HEB as another example also never fails.

SmartThings cannot continue to blame the phones for their inability to write a functional app. The above app that sets my phone to silent (Trigger) was developed by a college student. Tasker another app I use has had very dependable geofencing since before Android even had APIs for it.