Android Presence not working since 1/9

Since 1/9 my Android phone has stopped working as a Presence sensor. I have tried restarting the hub, removing and readding my phone as a presence sensor, updating the presence timeout, and changing the geofence and resaving.

The log of events for my device through ST show the last event as 1/9, but it did show as active as of 1/11.

Anyone else have issues or know anything else I can try?

I had a weird experience about an hour ago. My Android phones have been reliable as presence sensors for over 2 years. My current Note 8 has been the sensor for a long time, since the day it was released. An hour ago I fit add a thing in my app on my iPad and Note 8 pops up to be added. WTH? I added it and sure enough, my note 8 appears twice now. I have no idea why or what the ramifications might be but Iā€™m going to leave them both setup just to see what happens when I leave and arrive next. Kooky!

I had to reach out to ST support. There was an error in the Geofence logs (Settings > Help Us Debug > Show Geofence Logs) reading:

Unable to resolve host ā€œapi.smartthings.comā€: No address associated with hostname

They had me move my Geofence point to another state then save (which you have to hit Save twice to commit the change). Then move it back to my home location and save it again.

After that, it began working again.

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Hope your presence enjoyed the trip to another state!