Android phone mirroring to windows browser?

This community is full of people who have build all kinds of home automations and probably some weird dashboard solutions too just to make home little bit smarter. :slight_smile: That’s why I’m asking if somebody here knows if there is a way to mirror android phone screen to windows 10.

I red that there should be applications which can handle this but I would especially need application where android phone screen can be opened via browser and all android apps (like google home, xiaomi home etc.) could be controlled by using it.

Any ideas. It would be cool if I would be able to controll my smartthings device via Actiontiles or sharptools dashboard and also those other devices which can be controller only with android phone (at the moment).

Do you have examples of certain devices which can only be controlled via your Android phone? Ideally you would get those devices into SmartThings so you could more easily control them and automate them via the SmartThings integrations you mentioned like :smiley:

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Specifically, what kind of phone? There are different ways to do it depending on the device mfr.

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@nathancu it doesn’t matter. I mean I could buy any suitable (if it matters -> suggestions please) android phone if it just would work like needed. I have couple of honor 8 / 9, and samsung a and j models on my desk and I could probably use one of them.

@joshua_lyon Xiaomi Gen2 robot. Mculloch lawn mower. Mill heater. Nanoleaf light panels (official integration in ST sucks big time). Also big plus if realtime life360 map could be seen as a map in my infoscreen. With mirroring I could also see ST application “messages” in chronological order.

The reason I ask is this functionality is builtin to all Galaxy phones by default now, no extra software required - version 9 and newer. (Uses the Microsoft Your Phone integration.)


As Nathan says. Microsoft Your Phone app will do it.

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Thanks for the information. I need to check this out and test. :+1: