Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux as Micro-Presence Bluetooth Beacons?

You might want to rephrase that. SmartThings itself has a limit of 100 devices using the same capability. So you can only have 100 “switches” (which includes lightbulbs), or 100 sensors, etc. depending on the device “capability” being used, there will be a limit of no more than 100 Bluetooth devices connected to smartthings via BK.

For any given account, there may be less than 100 slots left in whatever device class BK’s going to use. (Just as an example, switches usually run out first.)

That’s correct. 20 Bluetooth devices. I did not know about the 100 device limit on ST. So then that would be the limit, 100 BlueKangaroos each with the same 20 Bluetooth devices. Depending on the need we could make each BlueKangaroo have a different list of Bluetooth devices but that’s not the current design.

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I thought I would share what I did myself. It may sound a bit like a house or cards, but it actually isn’t and functions pretty well at the moment!

So, what I’ve done is use a raspberry-pi zero (very cheap) as a BT detector. It runs Node-Red to scan for BT devices, and looks for specific IDs. It then uses MQTT to post events to smartthings using the MQTT bridge.

One could, very easily, expand this so that there are several PIs scanning from different locations of the house. If those results were all reporting to an MQTT topic, then you could easily have one flow on one PI aggregate all the scans.

Seriously wouldn’t be very hard, and would be pretty cheap.

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