Android Google Home Unusable when ST is connected

Once I link my ST account to Google home the Android version of Home is almost unusable. When you open up this app it appears to hang and eventually you get a “Home is not responding, End App, Wait”. If you wait long enough the problem seems to disappear until… You select any option/setting/room/device/etc and then return back to the main Home Screen. Once again, the app seems hung. The minute I unlink ST from Home the problem is gone.

This problem is also present on my iPad version but no where near as bad and almost unnoticable,

Anyone else have this problem??

I just did what SmartThings told me to do to reconnect the Android Google Home and now nothing works through Google. Typical Samsung, they take one step forward and two steps backwards

Hey there!

Have you already tried clearing the cache of your Android Apps and closing out of them and re-opening, does reinstalling make any changes?

Settings>Apps>Storage>Clear Cache and restart your device.

I have unlinked, uninstalled, re-installed cleared cache and it made no difference.Only way to get Home to work properly again is to unlink ST

Let’s tag @Lars with this issue.
The Google Home app should not behave like the SmartThings app…

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