Android Application not updating through Google Play

I noticed today that even though there was a new update here on the site, that the Android application did not update for any of my devices, and my families devices. After uninstalling and re-installing it seemed to have the latest update.

Just wanted to let you guys know in case there was a problem with the version on the app store.

Mine updated fine. What version of the app is currently on your phone?

Should be 1.6.4

Well now it is 1.6.4 of course (SMILE). I just noticed that I had different versions when I loaded the app on a new phone. So, when I verified with the family, they all showed an older version. Had them check the Google Play store to see if it would update, and it did not register as needing an update. However, after uninstalling and then re-installing we all had the latest update.

May have been a glitch on the store for our accounts, but just wanted to bring it up just in case it was an issue for the team.

My Android updated automatically to 1.6.4 late on August 8th I believe.