Android app update 27 April 2020 - v1.7.47-22

2FA is available. So far, I’ve noticed they have reduced the dead space at the top where STHM is and the spinning fan icons are back.

Nothing notated under Notices regarding the update.


Cannot find 2fa option

Click the hamburger menu in the top left, click your profile photo icon (next to the settings cog), click Password and Security.

But i have this enabled for more than a month

I never had the option to before, so sorry.

What I’d like to know is why they even have the upper section at all, seems redundant and a waste of space to me, why not just make the Smart Home Monitor card a little larger and incorporate it together in one place…along with Smart Lock guest Access like the the Classic app was. The “Security” section of the app is unpolished.

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All my temp sensor shows checking status on the main page after this update :worried: Same as all my thermostat started doing on a previous update

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Probably a long shot, but when you open the device detail pages, are there any attributes without values (often with a crossed out cloud symbol)? Having device attributes that aren’t initialised is one cause of the tiles constantly reporting they are getting the status. Can’t think why this would suddenly be a problem unless the app suddenly started supporting a capability that your temp sensors claim but don’t populate.

No, there is no attributes without value.

If I force close the app it will show the correct temperature on the main page for a second, then back to checking status. It’s been working fine for months, only change is the new app update.

Its for Xiaomi temp sensors, Netatmo devices, weather tile, thermostats. Basically everything that have temp on the main page

I have the same problem with my Xiaomi temperature sensors after the update.

Same problem here with all my stelpro thermostats and the weather tile.

I’ve noticed this version is a lot faster. Anyone else?

Also, what does “Auto start Ambient Mode” do?

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What! You don’t know what “Auto start Ambient Mode” does? I thought everyone knew what it does :slight_smile:

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Definitely. Don’t see the checking status messages on devices nearly as much.

Where did you find that?

Do you mean what I posted? If so, it’s in settings for the mobile app right below where you’d enable location detection.

Oh. I see! Thanks

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Isn’t Ambient Mode for the ambient lights on Samsung TVs? I don’t think they’re in the US still, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is for.

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Since this app update, I get a constant ‘Check your smoke and leak sensors’ from STHM. I don’t have any smoke or leak sensors (just door/motion) :frowning:

It seems to enable Ambient Mode on certain Samsung TVs when the phone is near the TV, presumably so it doesn’t waste time showing it when no one is in the room. Ambient Mode would appear to be something like the backgrounds you get on Chromecasts.

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