Android App Update October 26 2021

Epic , just epic, no one listens or uses the app, feedback… yeah its fine… give up now

Monthly updates and no fixes or improvements to the current Ui


Offline diagnosis also follows in the epic category
Samsung Tvs vanish from the app due to there firmware however the diagnosis tool wants me to move the device closer to the hub… words are not enough !

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Of course not, they wouldn’t want to risk damaging the app’s performance by having too many devices …

There must be a chain of command issue somewhere.

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how do we install new smartapps with this version?

Baffling, but actually documented.

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found it. Well hidden. I thought it was only the apps i already installed… But thx everyone for the help :smiley:

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There going to run out of places to hide stuff soon
Actually, probably not…

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Has been corrected and can do scroll to see all installed drivers and all channels on the hub’s drivers page.

They have added the version with the date and time of creation of the driver on the device driver page.

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Can anyone tell me how to roll back this update? It broke the android fix of adding more than 200 devices

For real? Can’t add from personal devices anymore? Should be able to download previous versions of the APK from

Nope! I found the last apk file. I can add from personal device page again.

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It took me ages to find Smartapps - it just happened I wanted to add a new one after this app update and the Sonos and Lighting Smartapps offer different options to generic Routines.

The +add only offers Add Scene or Add Routine but I eventually I found them after scrolling down Discover - a poor UI design made worse as if you discard changes to start over it throws you right back to the start page not to the list of Smartapps.

To me Smartapps aren’t the same as Routines - just spend a few seconds to include Add Smartapp to the + add menu please

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Oh i’m glad i saw this because the update just landed for me but I have auto update for it set to off. I still have an old tablet capable of adding more than 200 device, so maybe I will take the plunge.

Keep me posted if this works.

The apk version on my phone is causing issues with not allowing editing of some (not all) of my scenes.
At this point I don’t know what the solution is.

So my Samsung S2 tablet is able to use the vDev Controller to create an Edge virtual device, and I was able to rename it and move it to one of my 23 rooms. I was also able to use the workaround by going to Devices and then add.

The tablet is running Android 7.0, ST app

So far so good.

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SmartThings Home Monitor seems to have fixed the issue showing numerous sensors as not connected (even though they were connected), and it is noticeably faster.

Confirmed. @blake.arnold What is wrong with your development team on this?


Does anyone know where to find what scenes devices are used in?

Are you looking for

Bottom of app ‘Automations’
Tap arrow on right ‘Scenes’ to drop down list
Tap a scene to see its details

Just a small bug
In the pointless ‘personal devices’ section if a Galaxy Gear S3 watch tile is tapped the app tries to open the devices tile page but instantly closes it without displaying anything, my guess is the app is supposed to load a controler to read the details but fails to find it and so closes the page instantly back to the ‘personal devices’ tile page

Just to note any other devices on the page load and display correctly, just the Galaxy S3 watch tile fails