Android app not working any more for presence

So I have two devices (my wife and I essentially have the same device; Google Pixel with latest OS).

My phone presence works like a champ. Her’s stopped working several days ago.

I’ve tried removing her phone as a device and re-adding it as a mobile presence device again, but it is still not showing any events for her leaving and arriving.

At this point any thoughts on what I can do to resolve this? It was working like a champ not too long ago!

Sometimes Google’s own location services are to blame. Whenever this happens w/ my or my wife’s phones, I install a GPS spoofer ( and manually set my location to somewhere far away. Then, I restore the original location and uninstall the app. It’s worked for me where removing/re-adding the phone presence did not. Take note, that in order to spoof GPS, you need to enable the developer menu by tapping the build # in the about phone menu like 7-8 times.

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