Android app new versión

Today I have installed the new android app update dated April 27th.
In principle I have not seen anything new, I have not noticed that it goes faster or slower. In the update notes it says that it has new functions and improvements in the menu, but I have not seen anything new so far.

What I have noticed is the following and I don’t know if it has to do with the app.
I took the opportunity to restart the router and the hub. Before turning off the hub, I have deactivated the secure mode, in case it improves the reconnection of the devices.
After about 2 minutes, when the router was already in use, I connected the hub.
In just over 1 minute I was online, green led.
I have opened the app and all the devices are shown offline.
I look at IDE and they are all online. Checking multiple zigbees, I see that the connection path has changed on all of them and they show up as direct connection to the hub, no repeaters.
After about 10 minutes all sensors except motion sensors and the water valve are displayed online. Everyone at IDE is online.
After about 30 minutes they are still the same offline in app and online IDE.
Once they detect movement, they connect and are already shown online. I close and open the valve with the manual button and it also goes online.


  • The zigbee mesh is rebuilt by turning off the hub only 3 minutes, not with 20 or more necessary before. I think this will be for the new version zigbee hub 5.2.1.
  • The zwave mesh has also changed. Fixed 3 times from app gave error on a device. I have repaired it from the IDE utilities and it has corrected fine.
  • The app can show devices offline for a long time, that in the IDE they are online and that as soon as an event occurs on the device the app shows it again online.

UPDATE: To show the complete history, you have to continue unchecking and marking something in the filter and click on done to update it.

Final conclusion: If it works, don’t touch anything!

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Have yet to get the update.

I downloader from Google play store

It is in neither app stores for me.

I dont know what’s been going on with smartthings but the last few weeks my sengled light strips have been constantly disconnecting from the network. Many times I had to delete & re add back. It’s been a real PITA. After reading this I dis get the update today & just rebooted the hub. 2 light strips are only a year & a half old & the other one is maybe a year old.

The app update notice suggests that if your phone is set to Korean or US English you can now use Bixby to trigger SmartTag sounds. And that is basically it.

That sounds more like it should be a Bixby update than an app update.

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A link to device automations from the devices page :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning: sooo damned annoying


Bixby is very limited in its options and just crashes on my S10, waste of space

A belated addition to this thread …

It seems a breaking change has been made to mobile presence which may or may not be associated with this update (I only found out about it yesterday). The Occupancy Sensor capability is no longer included in the mobile presence device.

This probably doesn’t affect most people but it affects me as I was using the occupancy attribute.

Hey Graham. Can What exactly is the occupancy attribute? I only had Present/Not present

The Occupancy Sensor capability has the occupancy attribute with values occupied and not occupied (which in their annoying way, ST also refer to as inside and left). Although it is still defined as a proposed capability, it was added to the mobile presence DTH in December 2018 without fanfare. As far as I know, no one has ever admitted to knowing what it was actually reporting, though my own experiments suggest that it is probably to do with having detected or connected to a home Wi-Fi network.

In April 2019 the device handler was changed so that when the occupancy reported occupied, the presence was first set to present if it wasn’t already. Similarly when present reported not present, the occupancy was first set to unoccupied if it wasn’t already. This behaviour continued when the DTH based integration was changed to a ‘new’ one. I’ve always been a little dubious about this. I’d rather know what the device actually reports, than what a developer thinks it should have reported. I’ve also been suspicious that the presence being set to present when occupancy was set to occupied might have been a contributing factor to the arrival ‘bounce’ that some users have encountered. It was like the DTH generated present was being immediately followed by an app generated not present.

Anyway it should really have been showing up for you. It certainly has been for me for the last two and a half years and I’ve seen plenty of examples of it on Android and iOS on this forum.

However now the Occupancy Sensor capability is nowhere to be seen in my mobile presence devices. Fortunately, in my case it really wasn’t a big deal as I only used it when mirroring the mobile presence for display purposes and I just needed to remove it from a couple of rules. However, to me, is is still a breaking change that shouldn’t have happened unheralded.

Hm can you please share a screenshot of what i should be seeing?

There is, it is right on the bottom of the screen.

I am new to this. Downloaded current SmartThings app to droid ( not Samsung) running version 9. Logged in using Google and was able to do Bluetooth scan of new Samsung TV and it set up account. Them could not continue and got 403 error. The app ,have uninstalled and re installed numerous times. It does not open at all. Just want to mirror phone on TV! Any help much appreciated.