Android app "long press" mode not working?

I don’t know when this was added, but on my Android phone the “long press on power switch” menu – Emergency, Lock, Shutdown – now opens a screen which shows these, plus a bunch of my favorite smart things devices. This looks like it’s intended to be a quick way to bring up a control panel, which would be a nice idea.

Unfortunately, in this mode all the devices display as offline, even though in the normal smart things app screen they are online, and the various integrations are able to access them. So there’s something not quitr right with this new feature.

Do I need to grant the app some specigic permissions to operate through this screen, or is this just not fully implemented yet, or are my phones security settings prevented from operating?

What phone do you have? My pixel 6 pro defaulted to bringing up the Google assistant when holding the power button. I switched it back to the power menu. However, on my old pixel 5 (Android 11), I could bring up the Google home device controls by holding the power button.

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I’m currently using a 2021 Moto G Power (mediocre brain, big battery). Started seeing this new set of controls recently, so I’m guessing it’s a recent update of the Smart things app, and might be better debugged on Samsung’s phones

Sounds like what your describing is an OS update (?)…not ST, but I may not be fully understanding what you’re describing. Attached is a Google home device control that I am thinking of.

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Ahhh. Forgot that I have Google Home also installed for development. And I probably don’t have it authorized to Smart Things. I’ll investigate that; thanks!

That was it; I had to re-authorize Google Home’s access to Smart Things.

It would be nice to have a bit more control over the organization/styling of this “remote control” screen – some of us will want many more buttons on screen at once and would prefer icons to words – but it’s a good start.

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Just to add to this, on Samsung phones the Google Home devices have been added to the ‘Devices’ tab of the ‘Devices and Media’ menu rather than to the long press on the Power menu.