Android App Crash on Loading Custom Images

Ran into what I think is a bug when loading a room image or a device image. I am using a Nexus 6P with the latest android version.

Two separate issues:

  1. When loading either a device image or room image, I go into edit settings of that room/device, Tap on the set or change image, and I select Choose from gallery. I get taken to the default android file chooser. I know the images I want are on my Google Drive account. So from the main screen I slide the menu out, select Google Drive, and then select the image. Doesn’t matter the format, the app will crash.

  2. Using the same methodology above but loading the image from the local device and NOT Google Drive, if I load a PNG file, the app will say that it is loading the image, and in the background you can see the positioning tool, but the app will never proceed beyond the spinning loading popup. I took the PNG files and converted them to JPG and they load just fine. My problem though is that the PNG originally was 5k in size and looked great. After the conversion to JPG the file size was 50k and looks like garbage. PNG is pretty much the web standard, especially if you are googling for icons like these. Does the app not support them?



I am experiencing the same thing. Except for me, its the Photos app, not google drive. Another weird caveat to what I see is it worked OK for some rooms, but it crashes on others, even though I am choosing pictures from the same place.