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@ffingers, and that’s where the old Dashboards came in super handy. You could still keep devices in a Group, now called a Room, but still see all your lights (and status) in Lights & Switches, doors/windows were in Doors & Locks, and smokes/water/humidity/temps/etc were in Damage & Danger.


It’s not built into SmartThings, but I wrote an app called SharpTools which provides widgets and Tasker integration on Android for SmartThings. Check it out as it might meet your needs. :smile:

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I really love SharpTools, as a user, I think it’s awesome! It does require purchases to unlock the full functionality, but is well worth it! Great job, Joshua!

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Yeah I liked the dashboard…I am okay with the dashboard coming back so long as it’s configurable as well. For examples, I want to group all my “virtual switches” together away from physical switches. I know it’s a corner case, but I can see people wanting to slice and dice their views in more ways than just by room. We had a discussion awhile ago about how groups, and sub groups should work. A shame it wasn’t really implemented.


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So I’m running my head against the wall on this, so hopefully someone can help.

I just a V2 Hub, and we’re two people both running Android. How do both our personal accounts access the Hub, so we both can edit routines, add things and so on? My girlfriend activated the Hub with her account, and I can’t seem to find any way to join in and become part of the “Family”.

Is the Android version of the app behind the iOS version in terms of features, or is there a option I’m not seeing anywhere? It feels incredibly lackluster that there can only be a single phone controlling everything, especially since we are two people, and we kinda want the automation to happen if one of us is home, and not just her phone specifically.

There is a guy in this thread reporting that he made it work. If I had to guess, you might have to massage the IDE or app at this point, ST is working on adding back the users code right now.

Adding new user

Why can’t you just log into the same account ? Right now under family the app shows 4 " Randy’s android device" . I haven’t gone digging to figure out which device is whose. Not using the phones as presence sensors, so it doesn’t really matter.

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@RLDreams that’s what I do and then I change the name to who ever’s phone it is. Right now that works perfectly, but my wife really doesn’t need (or want) all the notifications I get.

I set the notifications to come SMS to my phone. I know what you mean though. I pick up the Kindle and there are 50 notifications

Hello everyone… I’m just wondering if I’m the only one having this major problem with the app… It is constant freezing and crashing. I’m using a note 4 phone and I can’t go more than 5 minutes without having to force close and restart.

At least it saves all of the changes in real time, so no telling work. It’s just extremely irritating.

And, it seems to be getting worse add I add more devices, apps, and routines.

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@bamarayne, yes several people are having this problem. I’ve had a ticket open for this issue since the initial release of v2.0.0 on day 1 (and earlier).

I’m also on a Note 4, and if I could get 5 minutes of usability I’d be a lot happier. If I get 2 or 3 minutes it’s a miracle, but I’m also very close to having 200 devices.

I’ve had to keep my tablet on v1.7.6 to be able to do anything with SmartThings because it’s such an unstable app right now. From what support has told me, they know what the fix is, but it’s not going to be easy to fully implement and it will be done in stages.

I highly recommend you email and let them know.


2-3 minutes?, and you guys are complaining? I might get 2-3 seconds on kitkat android…
On a lollypop it’s at lease somewhat usable, but still crashes.
It’s frustrating that they seemed to have written it for lollypop, even though kitkat has twice the install base of lollypop…

@Mike_Maxwell while it’s only anecdotal, ~70% of SharpTools users (who are all SmartThings Android users) are using Android 5.x or newer as of the end of September:

And to your point, here’s the latest stats on Android version distribution from Google:

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I have a suggestion that’s more related to the platform than the app, but can we get the ability to label SmartApps? As of now, I have 2 button controllers for 2 minimotes. That is not bad now, but someday could get confusing. As in label, I am referring to setting custom names on the My Home -> SmartApps page, similar how you can rename a Thing.

@ajpri Every single one of my SmartApps has a different name that I’ve given it. Can you elaborate?

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It’s actually a simple option in the SmartApp meta data itself… i.e., it is up to the developer of the SmartApp to accept a label parameter. I forget what it is, but it’s in the Developer Docs, easy to find, and everyone should use it!

Ah… Here it is:

@tgauchat, you’re too fast for me to keep up! Even if you don’t provide that as a developer, “Assign a name” and “Set for specific mode(s)” still show up. A few of my apps don’t include that bit of code.

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Something must prevent it… Ah – I think it’s whenever you have “multi-page” Preferences you lose those automatic fields. That’s a nasty side effect SmartThings messed up, because SmartApp devs didn’t get into the habit.


@tgauchat @johnconstantelo

Wow! This is awesome! Didn’t know that before - I’ve had my hub for ~1 week and every day I’m learning something new! I’m testing out using the Smart Lighting SmartApp instead of the Button Controller. Still working out the kinks.

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