Android 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

10 minutes to find a bug and 10 months to get it fixed?! At this ratio we would have a fully functional Android app by 2150…if lucky


By that time we will all be connected directly to our homes and whatever we think will happen :slight_smile:

By that time my home had better be doing the thinking for me… Especially since I’m just going to be a head in a jar.


I did find it very odd and probably called the QA team incompetent and had my post flagged as offensive…

Well… Since the pattern you observe continues to hold true release after release after release, I’ve come to concur with @Geko: There is no QA at SmartThings; they figure it is much more effective and sufficient to let us do the work for free as all current SmartThings Customers are really (seriously) part of Samsung’s extended public Beta test for their future line of IoT & smart home products and services.


If the latter is true, then your “home” will just be that jar on the shelf in a bio-sustainment facility, and your job will be to be the brain of some real-persons’ Smart Homes…

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Well at least I’m not going crazy, as I’m only seeing .7 in the play store also.

I’m on an LG G4, so it should be able to run the latest apps…

I have no problem with that, really. But I think they forgot to actually implement the “public beta test” program. They selected the testers but forgot to establish how their feedback is translated into software improvements…Perhaps that’s coming in “few weeks”


tick tick… this topic will close in 1 day after which we’ll have to pick a new thread for Android bashing…err… strike that, Android improvement :wink:

Did no one get the futurama reference?


Done! :slight_smile: Your wish was granted before you even post it…

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Head in a jar, I doubt it was missed. This is the “jar” I am planning :beer:


I was wondering where all the nerds went… Lil

Apparently in ST world. Canada is not part of North America so you will have to wait for the update.

@slagle @jody.albritton looping you in for this ticket tracking

Since this post is closing in 4 hours, here’s another: Request #184884. Anybody else getting this? I get this on all my devices (S4’s and Note 4), and no matter what I do I can’t get SmartApps to show up. I have to use my tablet with v1.7.6 to work with SmartApps now…

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Yup, I get error on loading as well

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No problem here. I’m not getting any errors.
But, I am seeing app crashes a few times a day.

The new version has been a good improvement for me. Sure the fonts are weird but otherwise there’s a lot of UI stuff cleaned up so I appreciate that. The performance is much snappier! Feels like three steps forward, one step back, so it’s progress!


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