Android 2.0.8 inconsistent in-app notifications

I noticed that the Android app is skipping the notifications.

Looking at ide, my ST motion sensors reported temperature values consistently, each hour:

However, if I look at the Android app on my phone, I see none of these (8:32 reading coincides, but Android is showing the reading before last has occurred at 5:30 pm yesterday!!!

Crazy stuff…Anyone else noticed this behavior or is just my phone/app?

I haven’t noticed that, but I’m going to look into it.

Has anyone else noticed that the app is crashing again? Average about one an hour now.

YES… and unlike the 2.0.7 crashes that recovered and reloaded automatically, these new crashes are fatal, black-screen. On the plus side, ST has quietly fixed some (not all) of the multiAttributeTile issues that caused SECONDARY_CONTROL and other rendering issues.
@david.mccrindle, @jody.albritton, @liztupper, @slagle: take note

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Thanks to us! We’ve complained about the red banners so they backed them out and left us in the dark again (black screen of death!) :slight_smile:

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Yea, and they killed | delayed scrolling for some mobile devices…

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Yeah, that’s bad… and no apparent rhyme/reason when it occurs.
Ticket #184893 opened 3 days ago, and haven’t heard back from anyone yet (what a surprise :scream: ).

@Mike_Maxwell mentioned that mobile app only shows events where states/values have changed…After looking closely at my logs, I confirm that this is what is happening! Thanks @Mike_Maxwell


mine is crashing now too with black screen, and also very regularly telling me my net is down when I goto devices (over 100 devices)… it is not down… I think it thinks so when the page takes too long to load.