Android 11 Beta - Can't Download Addons - Sideload?

So for a couple of my devices, the new SmartThings app wants to download addons. Like when I pull up my motion sensor in the app. Or when I pull up my new Fyrtur blinds.

On the new Android 11 Beta 1, trying to download it gives the error “Couldn’t download. Contact us for help.” It downloads fine on a phone with Android 10. I’m assuming something’s changed with the permissions the app needs to download these addons. Obviously beta software can always break things but hopefully Samsung is aware and fixes it before the final release.

But anyway, does anyone know if there’s a way to sideload these addons from one phone to another? It doesn’t seem to be an secondary APK that gets installed or anything…

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You should check, that has any adblocker or similar blocking the access built into the Android 11.
Or just check that you have allowed all permissions for the SmartThings app.

Yeah, all permissions allowed, and no adblockers.

Has Google changed anything regarding the access to sites? It might be a conflict of http and https somewhere… I guess.

I’m on the new Android 11 beta and have hit the exact same problem with the SmartThings app :frowning:

Hopefully either Google or Samsung are able to fix this, unfortunately it means I can’t control any of my devices currently!

@jody.albritton, @Brad_ST - Can this issue be passed on to the software development team?

@gardz, @jhoff80 - Use the Contact Us from the menu to report this issue to support.

Thanks @GSzabados. I’ve just reported it via the app too.

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Yeah, I filed it as a bug report using the app and I got some useless generic customer service response. Hopefully it’ll get pushed up the chain.

Same exact issue here. Filled report in app.

Yeah, can confirm that customer support is disregarding the reports because “Android 11 Beta” is unsupported and redirecting me to Google for support.

In case anyone is wondering, beta 1.5 released today does not change anything in this regard. And I agree / understand that a beta wouldn’t necessarily be supported. I just hope Samsung is aware of this by the time the final release comes along. And I was sort of hoping that there was a way to copy the addons from one device to another, but it doesn’t seem that it’s possible.

Jump back to smartthings classic. It works just fine with the beta. With the exception of course of all the other bugs ST experiences.

It already has been. I don’t know any timelines for support but last year Samsung released Android 10 based firmware about a month after the Pixel line got the final release.


Same issue here on two Pixel Phone 3 XL and Pixel 2. Both Running the latest Android 11 Beta RPB1.200504.020. Is there a Beta App program we can join to help for things like this?

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We have a closed beta program but in this case it wouldn’t matter. There is an API change in Android 11 SDK 30. Mobile team is aware and is going to add support, but it’s not even available in our current test builds.


Thanks Jody, I appreciate the quick response and update. Have a great holiday week!

For what it’s worth, at some point in the last few weeks (Android 11 beta 3 maybe? it was before the recent SmartThings app update) this started working.

Yep, same here.

Not working for me.
Pixel 3 XL
Android 11 (RPB3.200720.005)
SmartThings version


Same issue! Pixel 3, Smart Things, android 11 (RPB 3.200720.005).

Would a previous apk version work?

Please share a solution ASAP!