Android August 24, 2021

Android rolling out today. Anybody notice anything new?


Could not find anything. Hoping that they have lifted the 200 device limit on android

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Not got it yet, but when I do I’ll check the onboarding bug (it currently ignores your choice of multiple hubs when adding a device by brand or type, but works fine for ‘Scan nearby’). I actually had to send in a video to demonstrate it not working …


It’s available in Finland evidently !

Ah, it was a ‘pending download’. That makes a change, I usually have to wait a while.

So, no the onboarding isn’t fixed. I should clarify that it affects two (or presumably more) hubs on the same Location. My third hub on a different Location can be selected OK.

I can’t see any obvious changes.

What is onboarding again?

I use it to mean the process of ‘adding a device’. I’ve seen the term used somewhere and I may well use it slightly incorrectly but I figure most people don’t realise I’m bluffing.


Still can’t add more than 200 devices.

STHM still shows devices offline, even though they’re not.

Still can’t manage anything within that status information bar. You get what ST gives you, like telling me I have 12 doors open, which I don’t care about.

Being able to see what Automation a device is a part of is great, but Scenes should also be listed to really benefit from this. Still doesn’t list Scenes a device is a part of.

Seems a little snappier.

A few more apps within Labs (maybe? I don’t check there often)




Just wanted to be sure cause i couldn’t remeber. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Scenes, groups, STHM integration, Labs integration all currently missing.

Not seeing any visual changes that are obvious

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Yeah, sux too. I had an old GE Zigbee dimmer drop this morning and it needed to be readded/rejoined, but I couldn’t use my phone with this release. Thankfully my trusty old tablet was around and I was able to use that.


It’s a standard networking term exactly as you describe. :sunglasses: It’s typically used when discussing what firmware, hardware, and device IDs a hardware manufacturer has to provide in order to allow a device to be added to a network, as well as the process for actually adding it. So you see a lot of discussion of “onboarding requirements” from companies like Cisco and Amazon Web services.

SmartThings has used the term in their presentations to developers for several years, and it’s included in the most current developer documentation

Developing Your SmartThings Find Device | SmartThings Developers

Now that your development environment is set up, the next step is to register your device in the Developer Workspace. SmartThings Find device registration includes defining the device profile, providing device onboarding instructions, naming the device, and provisioning the device identity.


SmartThings Device SDK allows users to pair their devices with the SmartThings App through a process called device onboarding.

st-device-sdk-c/ at master · SmartThingsCommunity/st-device-sdk-c · GitHub

It’s not usually used in the end customer documentation, which will instead just say “add the device to your account“ or something similar.


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