Android 1.6.9 - Release Notes - 02/06/2015

SmartThings version 1.6.9 bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Fixed: Prevent skipping Firmware update and start the UI in the download state
Fixed: Memory usage improvements


Wonder what “Prevent skipping Firmware update and start the UI in the download state” means ?

We’ve patched up a bug where it allowed users to not-update their software when an update rolls around.

That make sense, thanks.

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FYI, initial mobile app load time increased from 44 seconds to 50 seconds with this update. LG G3.

Also, clicking to view SmartApps on a Thing. Load time to list the smart apps increased from about 14 to 23 seconds.

Also experiencing similar refresh times. At 160 devices I am in excess of 2 minutes

Any fix yet (or planned) for Android (tablet) app’s orientation? It always reverts to vertical view - if my tablet is 7"x10", it will not rotate in ST app and remains the on the length (vs the width) of the tablet view. Very problematic for a wall mount solution!

Just use ActiON, look for it in the forums :slight_smile:

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Until we make a change to the app you may want to look into an app that overrides rotation: