...and the winner is: Google Home [Tom's Guide Review]

In the Alexa vs. Siri vs. Google Home, Alexa and Siri tied on number of category wins (5 each), while Google Home takes the most number of points.

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What about Bixby? :smiling_imp:

…or Cortana

Good comparison of APPLICATIONS. But not of the devices in the native environment versus what is important in the environment. The devices (Google Home, Alexa) have different use cases than the applications.

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IMHO: This is typical for a Tom’s Guide, usually picking the underdog or overlooking the extra features that make the difference for the advanced user.

I have both devices and there is very little comparison with all the robust features, ease of setup, Amazon Music Library, Amazon S3/Lamda servers, multi-room linked playback, sonos and Home Automation integration, etc.

For the basic user who only want to turns on their Nest Thermostat, play YouTube music, and ask when is the next full Moon, perhaps GH is for them.

If you search Google for many of the other comparison articles here, you will see a clear winner.

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