Analog CCTV to IP Cam Conversion

I currently have a ZosiView connected DVR and set of Analog CCTV cameras. I’m happy with the Cameras and already have existing wire for coax/power to them. The DVR doesn’t seem to be able to provide a view in a web browser however or for actiontiles, etc. You need to use a specific app on the phone or pc or whatever to view the cams. Has anyone tried using a CCTV to IPcam encoder with sucess? I was thinking of keeping the Cams and just replacing the DVR if such a device would work.

Something like this:

Another option would be to keep the DVR and convert like 4 cams tiled into one ip feed but that seems more messy.

I have looked through a few options in the past. I settled on a 4 port IP server and has been working great ever since. All my 4 cameras are coax into the IP Server.

Mark, do you have brand/model number of the IP server you used? Good to hear that this works, it’s just hard to tell if they will output the right stream for Action Tiles and/or web browser viewing. Also curious did you keep your DVR and split the analog cameras into the IP server and DVR, or did you just get rid of the DVR?

I have the vivotek vs8401 and i can confirm that it works with action tiles and almost every ip camera app I have tried on Google and iOS.
Plus it works via web browser
I use jpg refresh for action tiles as opposed to an mpeg stream.
From this I go into a synology old NAS that I have running IP camera software. Assuming you want to record. Working like a champ for years now.

Thanks for the info. I do have an old NAS, and didn’t cross my mind to use that in place of the DVR, i like it.

I picked up a vivotek off ebay, but I’m only getting blue screen on the feeds in IE and Firefox says the plugin it’s trying to install is corrupt. I figure I need to get it viewable in a browser before i even start messing with action tiles.

I assume you try http to the address of the IP cam server?

Yea, I get the interface where you can pick which stream etc, but its just streaming blue screens. I think this is what it does when it has bad/no signal from the camera. Same deal from an IP cam program. Cams are all working on my analog DVR, so maybe they are just not compatible with the Vivotek somehow. Starting to think the view is not worth the climb here.