An Update Regarding our Hardware

yes, you need to know your shit and be able to stand up to a seller if they do try something shady. even though a seller says ‘no returns’, ebay still has the a-z guarantee and when you bring something shady to a sellers attention they will either give you a partial refund or full refund as they dont want to be banned from the ebay seller platform. when it comes to warranties, just about everything on ebay that is resold comes without one.

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Hi @Jake_Mohl, I remember seeing water sensors, motion, and open/close sensors. There were also outlets.


I got the last two multi sensors this afternoon. They still had a couple water sensors, a motion sensor, a button and a couple WiFi plugs.

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I use IKEA buttons (2 button version) and love them. Plus they are cheap. I have to use automations if I want to make use of all available button options… But it’s worth it to me.

Have been using the square 2 button ikeas for about 6 months and they are All now trending to greater battery use, down to days in some cases. Changed yet another yesterday after 7 days. All reputable batteries of several brands!
In the process of tossing them :exploding_head:

I have noticed that I get battery alerts on mine but they seem false. The first time I got one I pulled the battery and tested it, still on over 80%, so I just ignore the alerts until the button doesn’t work anymore. I think I’ve actually changed 1 dead battery Ina year and a half.

Yes I have seen that behaviour also.
However, my comments still apply as I have tested the batteries after the button actually dies and I do test the batteries and the tester say 0%, othen just over 2 volts. Since my previous post another has died in 21 days ( 4meters in line of sight of hub). Another died in 10 days in December, another in 20 days, 1.8v and 1.9v.
Sometimes they still show 87% and die, in one or 2 of these removing and replacing has worked but they will still only last at most 2 weeks.
Have now taken 4 out of service and have another 5 that are on the way.
These all lasted up to 6 months initially.
Hue dimmers (direct to ST hub), 5 button Ikeas and ST buttons (which of course I cannot get anymore) have no battery life issues.

Yet another ikea 2 button down. Newly set up 2 months ago, stopped working, ST showed 100%, battery tested at 0%, 1.9volt. Now 6 discarded !