An Update Regarding our Hardware

Do you have a link to them? I just tried to find and can’t. FYI I’m in the US.

sorry, edited my post. I left out the EU part for Aeotec.

No announcements have been made as yet for partners in the US

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No 700 series chip, it seems. 700 Series mandates Z-Wave Plus V2, but this Aeotec hub is again just saying “Z-Wave Plus” and “Gen5” without the V2.

See the third tab here:

I incorrectly thought they updated the EU version to USB type-C (see here): turns out, the EU wall plug is also called “Type C”. :no_mouth:

Thanks. Definitely seems something is afoot in the US too and they just haven’t told us yet.

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Have you tried just getting an iris motion sensor from eBay? That’s what I do.

I don’t often buy much from Ebay for some reason, but I also have several of those already and have a love/hate relationship with them. The green flash can be distracting and have had 2 start to suck batteries after a while, but otherwise very solid and fast to respond.

You would have thought that given Aeotec make 700 chips in their new product line up they would have put it in the new hub! type-C would have been nice, I think it would have been too much to redesign and implement those things just for a rebrand.

Whu should we expect a bfand new device? They’re just taking over current stock and manufacturing channels at this point. Aeotec’s partner (ST) basically said ‘hey just buy all this off us and resell it. We’ll give you a great deal to solve this problem for us…’

Yeah they (Aeotec) probably have plans for thier own design that will probably include a 700 chip at some point but, its expensive to take over a supply and distribution chain and they also dont have proof this plan will work. So youre probably going to see them see how sales of the WASH hub goes while they (Aeotec) finalize a design for a new 2021 version hub (remember under WASH you just need to be compatible with the apis, it doesnt have to use the ST hardware) and if sales are ok, they release that hub in a year or so.

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Aeotec bought Popp recently, and that 700 chip hub was part of that deal.

The new “works with smartthings“ hub is just a new logo on the existing smartthings line. Originally it even had the same model number, although it looks like they’ve updated that now.

My expectation for the future would be that Aeotec Will eventually put out a WASH with a 700 chip, but no telling when. They historically have had a pattern of announcing devices sometimes two or three years before they actually came to market, and in this case they haven’t even announced one yet.