An Unlikely Scenario

I’ve been having some issues with the ST multi sensor on my garage door (seems to have to do with the tamper switch). Basically, this thing will just stop communicating with my hub. I regularly have to take it off my garage door, remove it from the hub and re-add it. This happened a couple days before Thanksgiving and I pulled it off the garage with the intentions of dealing with it this weekend…

I never got around to it. It’s Sunday night… I started getting alerts that the garage door kept opening and closing. I figured the device was just going nuts so I started to search for it about 30 minutes ago. I couldn’t find it. I will typically put things in a handful of different spots and it wasn’t in any of them…

A light bulb went off… My wife was doing laundry. And I thought to myself I bet I left that sensor in my pocket with the intention of dealing with it on Saturday.

Yep, in a pair of sweat pants. But get this… I took it out of the pants just after she transferred them to the DRYER! I quickly pulled the coin battery out but this obviously means it was working in the dryer. :smile:

Everything was still damp in the dryer. I don’t know if this survive the wash. But I do know that my Monoprice sensor never has this problem and its on the 3rd car garage which is farther away from my hub than this on is. Granted I have more zwave devices than ZigBee devices. My 1st Gen ST zigbee sensors are flawless so I don’t understand why I’ve had to fiddle with this sensor on a regular basis.

Long story short, this was humorous but it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have to constantly take this device off of the garage door.

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