An unexpected error occurred

(Dan) #1

So i keep getting this error when trying to pair an Aeon Gen 5 siren. I looked in the forums and found something similar but it didn’t exactly address the issue. I logged a ticket with support as well. i am wondering if I should delete the device in IDE and try again or what i should do. Think this is a ST issue and will fix itself or should i be doing something on my end?

(Jason) #2

I am getting this now when I edit any light switch. I sent in a ticket. I worked on a door lock earlier today and it worked, but then the dimmer light switch I added started with this error. Must be on their side, I guess?

I was able to go to and login, and make the changes I needed. But the new dimmer is still showing as ‘not configured’ which is annoying. I have another light switch coming tomorrow and I hope it’s resolved soon.

(John) #3

Same issue here. I can edit in the IDE, but I can’t change the icon without the app.

(Dan) #4

let me know what happens? I can’t get past the final screen to get the siren up and running so i can’t delete it from the app. I can from IDE but not sure if I should or if that would do more harm

(Jason) #5

bago, thanks. Looks like this might be a global issue on editing some devices. I’m on Android

(John) #6

I tried both Android and iOS. Doesn’t work on either.

(Jason) #7

I don’t think IDE changes will hurt necessarily, just a pain for now. It was working closer to 1pm central time and stopped around 5pm.

(Dan) #8

ok, so this is a global thing and I should wait it out? Will it eventually correct it self and when i click “next” it will complete configuration?

(Jason) #9

I can’t guarantee it’s global, but we have at least 3 users on this thread with the problem. I’d guess it’s widespread and not a lot of people are editing or adding devices right now. Hopefully it’ll be a quick fix, but who knows.

(Dan) #10

can’t add a device or a user. This platform is basically useless right now.

(Jason) #11

Try now, just started working on mine.

(Ryan) #12

Hey all. I’m a brand new user going through my initial set-up on iOS. I’m getting the unexpected error during device configuration also. Bummer. Helps to know this is a platform issue at the moment and not my gear.

Makes me wonder if things can go wonky unexpectedly due to service stability…

(Ryan) #13

Sweet. It’s working now.

(Jason) #14

Must’ve been a global hiccup. Glad they got it fixed. Took almost 5 hours.

(Dan) #15

yup it is fixed!! yay! Now they need to fix “add user” !!!

(Tracy) #16

Ditto on this problem - also with a siren. Double ditto on being fixed :smile: