An Excellent Platform with a Bright Future

Wink folks just retweeted their hub’s review from the Digitized House Magazine, which prompted me to look up the review of my favorite*** HA platform. And I found this…

Their verdict

We were impressed by the deep support for devices and sensors beyond the handful of Samsung SmartThings-branded products, a much more extensive collection as compared to what is currently available through the competing Google/Nest or Apple HomeKit platforms. This level of third-party SmartThings support is largely due to the hub’s support of multiple protocols. Generally, things worked as one would expect them to, though occasionally we noticed the SmartThings app would not properly report the status of a device (in particular, whether a specific Sonos speaker set was playing or paused). But overall, we think SmartThings is an excellent platform and we see a bright future for it.

*** despite the problems and errors and quirkiness and sloppiness and sluggishness and hiccups, SmartThings remains my favorite platform to date. And I still believe that there is a bright future for it!


I tend to agree. We expect great things out of a sub $100 device. Home Automation is still in the infancy for mass use. I wish ST had a few more native integrations with things like MyQ and Nest, but its great to be able to add what is missing in by the community.

I expect ST (Samsung) to continue to grow and invest over the next few years. My family likes what we have now, even with the few hiccups, and we continue to invest in HA.