An error when changing the setHeatingSetpoint from Sharptools

When I want to change te setpint for my Popp thermostat from within Sharptool I get the following
error: Error sending the command.

This is the message from Sharptools: Sending device command: POPP studio ▸ setHeatingSetpoint(20)

Has anyone any idea why I have the error?

What capabilities is the device reporting? You can view these in SharpTools by visiting your SharpTools User Page, tap the ... next to the location, then scroll down and tap on the device to view its details

In checking our recent system logs, I see a failed request to change the heating setpoint wherein the device is reporting that it supports the legacy ‘Thermostat’ capability, so the system is using that to send the command, but SmartThings is rejecting that.

If your device is reporting both the Thermostat Heating Setpoint capability and the Thermostat capability, that could be the issue.

  • If the device recently transitioned from Groovy → Edge or between Edge drivers and no longer reports the legacy Thermostat capability, the system might have have an old snapshot of the reported capabilities – in that case, reauthorizing the devices should get things fixed.
  • If the device is still reporting both capabilities, then it should support the commands from either capability. Even though it’s a device issue, I can look at deprioritizing the Thermostat capability since it’s being sunset to see if that resolves your issue.

For the latter one, can you send a note to with the Doc ID of the device in question so we can take a closer look.

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