Ambivision Pro Integration

This Device Handler will allow full integration of AmbiVision Pro into your SmartThings system.
it will show to the system as an RGB bulb, but allow control of all modes inside of the Device handler.

unfortunately due to the lack of UDP support in the SmartThings Hub we currently require an intermediate NodeJS service.

you can get the NodeJS service and the Device Handler from my git repo:

Github Integration:
Owner: eliotstocker
Name: SmartThings-Ambivision-Pro
Branch: master


  1. add service auto discovery
  2. better way to choose capture, audio and mood sub modes
  3. add a way to decide on on state
  4. try and work out how to workout what mode the device is in when “off” like in the wizard app
  5. think about better integration for other apps etc, code side its very easy to start different modes, but would be nice to have easy ways to enable capture mode for instance.