Ambient Temperature Automations Stopped Working (March 2023)

Has anyone else noticed that their automations using ambient outside temperature as a trigger have stopped working? It seems last mine executed was Friday, 3/17/23.

@jkp I know you usually have your finger on the pulse around here… Have you seen anything in regards to automations that contain ambient temperature as a trigger not executing?

I have not seen anyone else reporting this issue… but that doesn’t mean there is not an issue. I would suggest checking all the devices used in the Routine to make sure they are functioning the same. Has anything been migrated to Edge that might be causing issues? You can also try saving the Routine… choose edit and add a space at the end of the name and Save to see if that has any effect. It is a Routine being used or Rule API or smart lighting?

I should ask… android or iOS?


The devices in the routine(s) are functioning properly (a plug and a Samsung A/C unit). These are two separate routines that have been working flawlessly for a long time. They both use ambient temperature to turn on/off the device. Other triggers in the routine(s) still work (such as mode changes). It just seems to be on/off which is only controlled by ambient temperature.

In regards to migration to Edge, I don’t know what that means so I’ll say, “No…?” I saved the routine again as you suggested but it still doesn’t execute on/off based on ambient temperature.

As trivial as they seem they are important routines. They turn heat on/off in my shop for freeze protection and a heated blanket in my garage for my animals.

Tagging @Brad_ST as he’s been able to diagnose/solve previous issues as well…

Thanks in advance for any help/solution.

Report the issue to ST support.

Oh … Brad no longer works at ST.


I will… I’ve just had such AWFUL experiences when working with them…

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What device/service are you using to report the ambient temperature?

Yep… be prepared to reinstall your app :wink:

Hopefully other community members might have suggestions or advice or know what might be happening.

Just “Weather” in ST

I noticed the native weather/temperature is not working for me either. Looks like since the end of last week. I was using the Ambient Weather service plug in for a long time and switched to the native service during the migration.


I have a weather station that reports to Ambient Weather. How can I use that?

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I was using Kurt Sanders DH but I believe he moved his work to Hubitat and it stopped working after the migration.

Can you post a screen shot of the routine?

The routine for my Shop A/C is a little more complex (don’t turn on if doors are open, etc) but still uses ambient temperature as the on/off trigger.

With the Groovy platform being phased out there is probably no way to use Ambient Weather anymore.

There appear to be 3 current choices.

  1. Use the built in weather function in your routines.

  1. Use @TAustin 's yet another weather app. This has several possible weather sources. The down side is you need a constantly running computer or RPi to work. WeatherUnderground and WeatherFlow Tempest have some private weather stations integrated. I don’t know if yours would work with either.
  1. Buy and use a ST compatible temperature and humidity sensor. This would be Z-Wave, ZigBee or possibly WiFi.

Thanks for all of the options/info. I’ve been using the native ST weather app with no issues until last Friday. I guess I’m not ready to give up on it as the other options both have drawbacks for me.

I’ve reported the issue to ST tech support. I’m a long time user and have NEVER had any luck with them. All of my only solutions have come from this forum so my hopes are limited (in regards to ST support). Is there anyone here that filled Brad_ST’s shoes?

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I am using the built in weather function (temp) to control a meross switch. The issue seems to be that changes in temp are not tripping the routine. If the other condition changes the temp does get used correctly though. Is there another way to force a polling of the states?

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I did some testing and had the same results. Changes in temperature using the built-in weather function are NOT causing routines to fire.

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I’m experimenting now with a virtual switch that will function as a 10 min timer to force the routine to fire…

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