Ambient Temperature Automation/Trigger


I’m curious how automations using ambient temperature are triggered. Does it check ambient temperature once per minute, once per hour, once per day, …?

I ask because I’m having limited success with my automations containing this trigger.


ST typically doesn’t use polling, rather a subscription / event trigger mechanism. When a property changes the system looks looks to see if there are subscribers to that event and then if so, subscribers (such as your automation) are notified. That’s the whole reason there’s a difference between IS and Changes To in WebCoRE (just as an example) Changes To subscribes to an event - IS does not. As far as I’ve been able to tell, the Rues API (underlying tech for Automations) use a very similar model

Because of all the changes to Automations specifically in the last few weeks (moving to RulesAPI - there seem to be some nuances in automations that sometimes slightly but not insignificantly change how these events are raised and - therefore the behavior.

All that to say - specifically what’s not working?

Thanks Nathan.

It’s not that the automation doesn’t work, it just seems “buggy” as it may take a few hours to execute or it may execute immediately the next time. What I’m doing is controlling a Samsung Quantum 2.0 ductless unit in my shop based off of ambient temperature(s).

What’s driving the ambient - the standard weather automation?

Yes sir.


Bill Wolfe

I seem to remember seeing that there were updates every 20 minutes but I may be imagining it. I haven’t tried the Weather Automations lately but I never had much luck in the last.

The values are pretty meaningless without more detail anyway. Are they observations or forecasts and where are they from and when?

In the UK the Met Office observed readings are taken on the hour. They used to take about half an hour to appear on data feeds, though they are near instant now, and there are only a limited number of weather stations. So the observed readings for my home could be from an hour ago, at an airfield up a hill five miles away.

So what are The Weather Channel feeding?