Amazon Web Services Outage affecting many integrations 13 June 2023 [FIXED]

Smartthings hasn’t put any notice on their status page yet, but Amazon Web services is having an outage that is affecting many sites all over the Internet, including many smartthings cloud to cloud integrations.

All integrations using Amazon Web Services are affected in the east coast servers (which is a lot of smartthings accounts, whether you are on East Coast or not). Other integrations are not affected.

Many many sites, many different home automation platforms are affected. This one is not just smartthings. :thinking:

I believe @jkp first reported it in this forum, but you’ll find comments all over the web right now about stuff being broken.

Amazon web services says they are aware of the issues and are working on them, but as of the time of this posting, there was no estimated fixed time yet.


If you are experiencing issues with integrated devices or services (Google Home, Alex) today, it is probably related to the AWS outage.

The Verge - AWS US-EAST-1 Region is having some issues


Oh thanks! Was driving me crazy. Smartthings itself is acting wonky too, stuff works for a bit after booting and then disconnects.

Edit: What a mess! Can’t login to Alexa at all after clearing cache for it on Android. Won’t send the verification txt.

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Wouldn’t you know that when I decide to update some light bulb drivers, I thought I had broken something. None of my Ring cameras motions are triggering routines. Now I see they are all offline.

Maybe has to do with this. I hope so, anyway.

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The Mobile App and 3rd Party Integrations seem to be working again.

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As of 5 PM New York time Amazon says things are improved but not fully fixed yet, so there may still be some unreliability.

Jun 13 2:00 PM PDT Many AWS services are now fully recovered and marked Resolved on this event. We are continuing to work to fully recover all services.

Amazon now says everything should be fixed. :tada:

As of 3:37 PM {Seattle time}, the backlog was fully processed. The issue has been resolved and all AWS Services are operating normally.