Amazon wants to know how you look - the new Echo Look

I’m guessing this is the new “mirror” on steroids for the 21st century. If you want one, you can request an invitation to purchase one for $199.99

Seen that this here (This is not usefull):

At first I thought, this is some BS…But then I was like, my wife would LOVE this! Especially the keep track of what I wore feature. Hmm, would be even cooler if you could use it as a motion detector…

Not sure I want a cloud camera in the bedroom…


I don’t need this. I always look great.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most narcissist of 'em all…What in the world Bezos thought when he approved this? An Alexa enabled mirror would have been better…


Price is a bit high too. I don’t see a lot of people rushing to buy this product.

Think you might be wrong here. They are killing two birds with one stone. I would say this is targeted more at women and bringing them into the smart(er) home space with what I type of attractant to lure them, beauty and fashion. A $199 price point for a woman to spend on make up, a new curling iron, those lit up led mirrors, a new outfit, and don’t forget the $ for a pair of shoes. If a woman believes this will assist in making her look better or having the application remember everything she has already worn, this is is a small price to pay for those women. So unless you are single, be prepared for your wife or girlfriend to need one, as she continues to let you tinker with your ST projects :slight_smile: Now if Echo Look we’re to every her that she looked fat in those jeans, well there might be a lot of product refunds being issued.

Correction *If echo look were to ever tell her…

Haha, yes you’ve got a point there…so I better be prepared to shell out $199…hmm, come to think of it, it might be worth it so that she stops asking for my opinion about how she looks in her new ensemble which to be honest, I really have no idea because I have no fashion sense.

Lol it will definitely keep you out of the dog house.

I’m all for it. Better some gizmo field the, “Do this outfit make me look fat?” questions so I don’t have to.


Bizarre. Just odd.

If you think this is odd or weird just wait few months for something new to come along. How about a camera in the toilet, “Alexa, am I clean?”.

Seriously though, we are at the breaking ground of expanding home automation technologies. Companies are trying to stand out from the others. Just a short time ago there was no saying “Alexa (or Google) turn on the lights”. Even today I still get odd looks when I tell people I tell my house to turn on or off lights. Syfy channel had a show called Eureka that had a smart house before there was Alexa or GH. The features it showed (or similar) are coming true.

The house of tomorrow is becoming the house of today. So what will tomorrow hold for us?

It will give a non-answer which will cause her to turn to you and ask again but this time in frustration. Good luck with that.

An Alexa enabled smart mirror!

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For 200 bucks, avoiding that question might just be worth buying that thing. She could send picts to her (ya ya’s) and let them decide.

Ok. I have to be fair here. For the last 4 weddings I’ve gone to. I’ve had to ask my wife to call her girl friends to ask their husbands what are they wearing to the wedding. Suit, sports coat, khakis & a nice shirt?

Maybe I need this thing for myself! :sunglasses:

As goofy as this may seem, it will open the doors to women being included in the smart home demographic. Add to that, when the options are available for your digital assistant to be a Male, your wife or girlfriend will no longer ask your opinion (Because it never matters anyway lol). She will go into her little walk in closet and ask her new Barbie Camera which will respond back to her as Alex and tell her just how amazing she looks. So when she goes in public and her girlfriend(s) tell her what in the hell are you wearing… She isn’t going to blame Alex for telling her how great she looked. She is going to come back to you and ask you why you bought this damn Camera! LOL - Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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And jdroberts has gotten on me about my “wife acceptance factor” commentary… rofl…

Every time my wife starts telling me “we need _______ next time we go shopping”, I reply “talk to the Dot”. :joy:

Too close to the experience of a spouse. "You’re not going out in THAT are you?!?!