Amazon wants to charge me for AWS

Amazon sent me this email and wants to charge me for my account (I believe this is for ASK Alexa).
Anybody else get this? What should I do? I am not big on getting charged.

Dear AWS Customer,

Our records indicate that the Free Tier for account XXXXXXXXX will expire on December 31, 2018. The [AWS Free Tier]( includes offers that expire 12 months following sign up, and others that never expire.

If no action is taken, your resources will continue to run, and the credit card you have on file will be charged for resources you are using when the 12-month Free Tier period ends.

Any service in the “Always Free” category will continue to run without charge, within the AWS [Free Tier Usage limits](

To estimate your monthly bill, use the forecasting tool in the [billing console]. You can also use AWS CloudWatch to create billing alerts.


The Amazon Web Services Team

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This is a standard email that we’ve all seen at the expiration of the 12 months sign up period.

You shouldn’t have any issues going forward.

You still get the “always free” tier. You can find the details on what that includes at this link:

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Thanks guys for your input. I feel better now.


You shouldn’t ever see a charge as a regular user of the few ST apps that use it, EchoSistant and Ask Alexa might be the only two… I’ve only seen a charge 4 or 5 times, but the highest charge was for 27 cents… and that’s only because of extensive amount of testing I do. So you should be pretty safe.

Have you checked what services you are using in AWS? You should do some basic checks. The billing report will show you the services you have been using over the past 12 months. You’re probably using Lambda. This has an on-going free tier usage level of up to 1m requests per month. If that is all you use then you are ok.
Just check you are not using any storage or compute services.