Amazon wants people to buy less for awhile, cancels Mothers Day and Fathers Day sales

Amazon can’t keep up with the Covid19 related transactions, and is canceling some typical promotions.

In addition to scrapping upcoming promotions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it would ordinarily run, the WSJ reports, Amazon has also removed recommendation widgets, scaled back coupon promotions, and made other subtle changes designed to make visitors not fill their baskets with physical goods they otherwise might impulse buy. (Indeed, when I visited Amazon’s website earlier, all of the suggested modules on the page where I usually see items I have bought in the past now either relate directly to the company’s COVID-19 response or are promoting digital goods and services only, including Amazon Prime video and Kindle e-books.)
Sources inside the company told the WSJ that they do not expect many of the changes to be permanent but that Amazon may need more than two months from now before it can return to its pre-pandemic ways.

There are still many small businesses that would be delighted to have the sales and don’t have the same issues, you just may have to shop around a little more.

I’m a third-party seller on Amazon. My sales are up 250% from last year. I attribute this to two things:

  1. Amazon can’t ship many items in a timely fashion. So, buyers are turning to third party sellers.
  2. Online sales are generally higher with people doing much of their shopping from home.
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Good point. :sunglasses: many third-party sellers list their products on Amazon and they won’t fall under the same restrictions if they’re not shipping through Amazon warehouses.

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