Amazon Wand Free after 20 credit

From the video it looks like the wand can control home automation just like regular Alexa. Would be a super cool “button” to have around in a bedroom or theater or the like and you wouldn’t even need to use it for the shopping element of it.

Have one on order will be here on Saturday, but you have to get it ordered and registered before the 18th of June to get the $20 dollar credit.


The credit is good through June 18, 2018 not 2017.

Looks like you can buy anything that is sold by Amazon, not third-party to use the credit on so not just “Dash” or PrimeFresh items.

Great find my friend…i bought one with using a 5 credit to get a 20 credit… #winning

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Ah, good catch on the next year for the expiration. Even better.

I am planning on using this in my kids, bedroom they can hook it to the bed and use it to control the lights and other bits in the room. :slight_smile:

I like that it only adds stuff to the cart but doesn’t check out, this will keep me from paying for light bulbs when they use it wrong or 5,000 pokemon when they use it right. lol.


The deal also includes a three month free subscription to Amazon fresh if you live in one of their service areas, which is the grocery delivery service. That’s normally about $15 a month. You do have to be a prime member, but right now college students can also get a free prime membership ( including prime video, but without music) for six months.

Prime Fresh details:

Prime Student details:

The grocery delivery is nice, but addictive! Probably especially so when combined with the wand.

The Alexa on the wand can do most Alexa things, including smart home commands, but no music. And of course you have to press the button to talk to it.

Physically, it’s not a device I can use, but I can see the attraction. It will be interesting to see how successful it is this time around. :sunglasses:

Had some Prime Credits. How about $Free.99 and have them to give me my $20 back!



Well done Sir!!!


Confirmed home automation works fine, I would make sure a PIN is set up for purchases as it can do buy it now purchases.


Nothing for canadian still :frowning:

How does one get ‘prime credits’?

Amazon Prime Visa Signature. 5% back on purchases at Amazon.


Hmmmm… just announced today, Amazon is buying whole foods, all 400+ stores.

My guess is that current Whole Foods shoppers are more likely to take to tech options like the wand than many other grocery chains. This should definitely expand the coverage area for Amazon fresh. :sunglasses:


And maybe even bring down Whole Foods’ prices? Or is that just crazy talk?


Just got my wand. The audio cuts in and out when Alexa is responding, not sure why?

Mine should be delivered shortly I’ll let you know if I have the same trouble

Seems to work fine.

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Yeah, I’m not sure. Seems to be working just fine now. Thanks for checking

So how does this work? Say Alexa has a timer alarm going, the tv is way too loud, I have said “Alexa, timer off” like five times, can I grab this wand and speak into it?

My new Dash Wand couldn’t stop the timer beeping on my regular Echo. Also the dash wand cannot do timers itself either, Alexa responds “timers are not supported on this device”. Probably goes into low power / battery saving sleep mode unless button is held. It uses two AAA batteries (duracells included in box).