Amazon takes on Geek Squad with new service


(jkp) #1


Hmmmm… they will set up a Wink hub 2 for their standard one hour price ($99 in my area), but no other home automation hub yet.

(jkp) #3

Anyone notice the Smartthings hub listing on Amazon has a WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD label on it. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

(Dan P Parker) #4

If you’ve been through more than one hub update then you know that the choking hazard is quite real.

( I hate Mondays) #5

Do you need a hammer or is smash-smash enough to reveal the small parts?! :wink:


Choking hazard included…

(jkp) #7

Odd, if you do a search for batteries on Amazon and look at their pages, there are no choking hazard labels on any of them.


That’s because they’re parts. The product labeling requirements don’t apply to individual parts, only to consumer products.