Amazon seller posing as SmartThings?

Not posing. Their actual store name has an emoticon in it which was not reflected in the Amazon listing.

Could be an Amazon error, it could just be the way their system does things.

If you want to write to Amazon support, they should be able to force a change through, but it happens.

The vendor’s real name is “Smart;)Things”

Whether that’s a trademark violation or not, I’ve no idea.

Item’s main page shows smartthings with no emoticon too.

May just be Amazon. I find it slightly deceiving. I worked for Crutchfield Corp. ( ) for several years when web retail was just starting it’s take over. Someone started a home electronics retail site If I remember correctly it didn’t take the attorneys long to have it shut down.

Lawd help us when emoticons are allowed to violate “text marks” (i.e., Trademarks in the category of text strings, as opposed to logos).

Spaces … sure: “SmartThings” != “Smart Things” … though I’m not 100% sure that would survive a trademark fight either.