Amazon Prime Day 2016

You have the V1 or V2 ? From what I found in my quick research a lot of issues were fixed with V2

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy them at 55 either, and there were folks that warned me here and didn’t listen. That will teach me! At least I still get a chuckle every time my wife drives. She wouldn’t allow me to touch her baby, as you might imagine for reasons related to ‘Home Automation’, so after I plugged the Automatic in her car she started saying. Did you hear that? I really don’t like this new car that tells me how to drive. Every time I accelerate beeps at me. I need to stop pushing it that hard. Sure you do darling!


I have the v2, but is still not fully backed. And it comes with a catch 22. You can let automatic ‘manage’ your bluetooh, but that means no battery or manage your own bluetooth and that means no automatic. Among other issues…

If you are looking for a way to control those RGB LEDs you buy cheap from amazon!


Emerwave z-wave plus in wall relay module


Don’t forget about the Automatic integration with SmartThings

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Nice! :sunglasses:

That’s the zwave plus dual model, and works well with smartthings with the following DTH:

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Man, I wanted to get one of these, the new version. But it’s not as cheap as the monoprice ones when they are on sale. I only need 1 more that I hadn’t planned on, maybe, just maybe…

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Requires neutral. Did you know that approximately 80% of the houses in the US do not have neutral wires at their switch boxes? Mine included. :cry:

So, is there a better deal than $99 on the Amazon Tap today? That’s the price I see on the web, but if it’s cheaper ordered through Alexa, I’ll wait until I get home.

That’s why you mount this at the light .not at the switch. Just for those with “old” wiring and only a loop to the switch


Yale Real Living Zwave Lock with deadbolt. Backordered if purchased from Amazon, but its like $160 bucks after 20% prime day discount.

Yet “we” are always commenting on using/needing a non ST controlled outlet to plug the hub into so it can be powercycled and reset remotely when hub “malfunctions” .


Good point! :sunglasses: Yes, it could be used for that.

Not working anymore

Can’t have other deals, other than the gift card one, also make sure you have the visa selected as payment option. Supposed to work till midnight.

Don’t know why not working, I had one item, not other deals and I had my Amazon Visa selected.

Says “expired” not invalid. So not sure why it will not work for me.

Nah, the hub has batteries for backup power.

You can remove them.

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Here’s my solution for Iphone users

IDEV0001P5 switch and an APC back up

Remove batteries from the hub, Plug the switch into the APC back up.

You’ll have battery back up and the ability to power cycle

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