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Amazon Prime Day 2016

( I hate Mondays) #97

Out of personal experience, a thief will most likely use your patio door for forced entry. Unless you place this light next to your patio door, it may not help much. And after having my house broken into, I prefer that the thief sees that I have cameras. I want him to see, hoping it would deter them. Once in, camera or no camera is not of much help - that “violated” feeling persists whether the thief is caught or not. Not, in my case.


I think more people will use it to see who’s at the front door. It has built-in speaker so you can talk to whoever is there. You can also use it to see when all the stuff you bought today shows up on your porch. :smile:

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( I hate Mondays) #99

Shows up or departs your porch LOL

(Eric) #100

What about the $33 fire tablet? Wouldn’t that make a decent smarttiles interface?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #101

It does! :wink:

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(John) #102

Yes! I’d buy another if I didn’t already have 2.

(Eric) #103

Did you jailbreak it or do you just use it in it’s current state? I am thinking about getting the 8gb model.

(Realy Living Dream) #104

I just found 2 still in their boxes from the last time they were on sale I had forgotten about :smile:

(John) #105

I rooted both of mine. See here

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(John) #106

Pulled the trigger: “Alexa order a MultiSensor 6”. ($49.95-$10)

(Benji) #107

Not to side track this thread much but I didn’t have this issue at all, even WITH multiple power outages because in my area, power is apparently optional, must have had around 20 power outages with probably 5 or so lasting longer than a few minutes.

Lasted around 6 months before I noticed on the last outage they were no longer able to keep the hub up and was just constantly rebooting though I do agree that a decent UPS is a better option in every regard.


Prime goodies already arriving, Logitech Harmony Ultimate was just dropped off. :grin:

(Wglaw) #109

That’s the only one I missed out on that I regret.

(Marc) #110

I kept going back and forth on it. I currently have 3 Hubs with the non-LCD remote and with 2 small kids around, I didn’t want to buy a remote that can easily crack/scratch, so I decided not to pull the trigger. I like the non-LCD remotes (I forget the name of them) as they are kid-proof. My one big complaint is they don’t illuminate which in the bedroom at night isn’t helpful.


Alexa made me do it.

(Realy Living Dream) #112

First thing the wife said to me this morning, " So how much stuff that you couldn’t live without did you get on Amazon yesterday “
” I was actually good, I only got a new thermostat, a game controller, an OBD scanner for your car and some coffee and dog treats "

As she already has Amazon open and is scrolling down the order history

(Doug B) #113

what was the deal?

(Wglaw) #114

Logitech Harmony Ultimate for, $180 or thereabouts.

(Jim) #115

Yeah I missed that one, I looked for it later in the day and it was gone :frowning: I really need a harmony with hub.

(Doug B) #116

oh man…would have jumped on this