Amazon IoT programmable button on sale. For programmers, sorta

Amazon has $20 Internet buttons:

Compared to things like Aeon remotes, and Knocki, and other fancy buttons that don’t work directly with SmartThings, this one seems like a deal. But It’s Web-enabled, not Z-Wave or Zigbee. So how would one configure it to turn on and off a light, for example?

Here’s the problem I want to solve: I want a remote light switch for a Z-Wave light in a child’s room. I have a bunch of lights on SmartThings and mostly use Amazon Alexa to control them. But for this particular light, I don’t want to put an Alexa device in the room. I just want a remote button.

I don’t have the chops to code this myself. If there was a guide to setting this up, I’d give it a stab. Or maybe somebody knows a quick way to hack this into an Alexa/Smartthings house?


As far as battery-operated buttons that work with SmartThings, there are many that are much easier to use than the Amazon one. :sunglasses: You will find them described in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

Thank you for both links! Coulda sworn I searched the site for these first…

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There’s a lot of information in the forums, but it can be difficult to find. The quick browse lists in the community – created wiki are usually a faster way to search. :sunglasses:

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