Amazon Guard Available yet? (May 2019)

If you signed up for the notification, you will get an email when guard is available to your account.

Note this from the FAQ. It says the same thing I said above, but with a little more detail. Note that they are now specifically saying “ADT pulse“ not just “ADT.”

7. Can I connect Alexa Guard to a professionally monitored security service?
Yes. You can connect a supported security system, such as Ring Alarm or ADT Pulse, to Alexa Guard to arm and disarm your security system by voice. If your connected security system includes professional monitoring services, you can also choose to forward Smart Alerts, including audio recordings of selected sounds, to your security service provider. Your security service provider can determine whether to take-action on your behalf in response to receiving a forwarded Smart Alert. How your security service provider responds to receiving a Smart Alert may vary depending on your provider. Alexa Guard does not offer professionally monitored security services.

ah, finally a listing of specific systems/skills. So no love for SmartThings ADT.

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I wonder if Guard can be automatically set to armed when Ring alarm is armed?

Not as yet. I think it likely they will add that eventually, but Amazon doesn’t announce in advance on those kinds of things.

So I was able to set it up from work when I read it. Set up lights also. House was lit up like a Christmas tree… going back to home mode did not turn all those lights off, any thoughts on how to do that??!

Since the idea of automating the arming of this feature is starting to come up in other threads, I’m just going to add this link here.

This is the community FAQ for how you use a SmartThings action to trigger an Amazon routine (not a SmartThings routine) .

So you would create an Amazon routine that has an echo device speak the turn on phrase where a different Amazon device can hear it. Then you would automate the trigger for that routine.

I thought about just leaving it on all of the time, but the echo’s and dot’s all have a circling white light when it’s active.

So, I’m setting up a networked speaker to speak in a non-Alexa voice to announce that I’m leaving when Away mode is set and announce I’m home when Away mode is changed to something else.

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I just tried this, hoping to use my Echo to get my Ring display up on my fire tablet. It didn’t work the first time the doorbell rang when I happened to be in the room but I’m not sure if that’s a volume thing or a “Jeff Bezos says no” thing. One day I might have free time to experiment…

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It works for guard. Using my Echo show to talk to my ecobee.


Still getting Thanks for your interest in Alexa Guard… No notification email yet. Ugh. This is like the big feature I have been wanting, and picking up 3rd gen dots, and 2nd gen Echos to support…

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.

Second rule of home automation: “my use case is not your use case.“

Third rule of home automation: “only buy products based on what they can actually do today, not based on what the company says is planned for the future.“

Just sayin’…:wink:


Ah true, but according to the Amazon press release, all models of Amazon Echo devices for U.S. accounts support Alexa Guard as of yesterday…

I wanted the function of the Echo devices even without Alexa Guard, Guard simply is keeping me from having ot use the battery powered ADT ST Smoke alarms which don’t meet code requirements for my area. (Our requirement is for mains powered smoke alarms).

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Have you tried logging out of the Alexa app then logging back in? That’s what worked for me.


Thanks for the heads up. I just set up my Alexa Guard. A few days ago it wasn’t available when I checked.

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Winner winner chicken dinner! If I ever see you in person I will buy you a beer because that did the trick!

And all of my Echo devices are reporting as active. Even the 2nd gen dots… This makes me a VERY happy camper…


OK I’m seeing a couple of minor issues. More like features I would like to see implemented.

  1. I would like to see a stay mode that will monitor for glass breakage but ignore smoke alarms.
  2. More integration with a greater number of monitoring services. I could be very wrong but it seems like he would be a trivial matter to integrate this with ADT smart things since they already have it monitored with ADT pulse. I think this would help both Amazon and ADT’s businesses.

Give it time and Amazon will implement these things… Now by my saying, “Give it time”, what I actually mean is don’t hold your breath cause we’ll all be dead before that happens.


ADT Pulse and ADT Canopy ( which is what the SmartThings integration uses) are two completely different services, different Amazon skills, different development teams. So they don’t have anything to do with each other as far as other third-party integrations, including Amazon.

Well that’s not great… Although I would still be somewhat surprised if ADT didn’t put some effort into integration. They don’t make much on the sale / support of the “official” hardware, and can charge a recurring fee for monitoring Alexa Guard. They would have gravel between the ears to not find a way to support it. Having said that, I have met far too many people with positions that require a neck tie where the tie is obviously restricting blood flow to the brain…

I just realized you can use the two device method with Amazon’s own Geolocation option in their own routines without needing smartthings for this. You have to use the Amazon Alexa app on your phone then create a routine there for when your phone comes and goes. Have that routine speak the activation phrase on one echo device at your home so that another echo device at your home can hear it. Geolocation was only added to Amazon routines a few months ago, but it is there. :sunglasses:

Using SmartThings with the virtual sensor method would allow you to set up a lot more filters on when it happens, and this is not going to work well for a lot of multi person households, but this is an option for simple use cases.

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