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So I already had my WeMo devices discovered in Echo. Now that they same devices are accessible via SmartThings, should I remove them from Echo to avoid confusing it? I’m not home yet to test, but I can imagine there needs to be some sort of intervention to keep things working properly.

What is a good virtual dimmer (I have used the on/off tile and it works great, but not a dimmer) - can someone point one out? In theory, I should be able to say "Alexa set “virtual dimmer thermostat” to 74, right?

I don’t see this smart app. ???

I’m not sure if it will get confused. What I did was decide which service I wanted to authorize for each device for echo use. So for example I have Hue lights on the Phillips hue bridge. Smartthings is aware of that Hue bridge, and I can control lights that way. But when it came to echo, I only authorized the lights through the Hue bridge, I did not authorize them through SmartThings.

Since echo lets you set up a group that includes devices from any service, it didn’t matter in terms of the echo use cases I wanted to have. I could still include any device in any group name.

So when you go to connect the smartthings service to Echo you will see a list of all your connectable devices. Just like IFTTT, you’re going to individually authorize each device on your smartthings network for echo use or not. It won’t dump everything in, you’ll choose one by one.

If it was me, I would only authorize devices that were not already connected through any other service.

My bad. I thought this was :to add the app"…not that it was already installed when integrated the two.

I put a screenshot in step 10 of the community FAQ.

It’s not under the “convenience” section of more in smart set up. You don’t install it yourself.

Instead, when you use the echo app to link to smartthings, smartthings will automatically install the Amazon Echo SmartApp for you, basically the same way the IFTTT smartapp works, except the Amazon smartapp will appear in the “convenience” section of the dashboard.

That is what I need to verify at home for thermostat setpoint. From what I have read today, that seems correct. I had issues with the quick testing I did this AM. My error my have been trying to use the %, but I am not sure if that was my issue.


What is wrong with the Harmony integration?

It’s broken from the ST app. The integration from Harmony to ST works great.

What simulator are you using?


If you dont mind please post if you get it working. I would LOVE this!


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I have never used the virtual switch or the Big Switch app but you mentioned before about it getting out of sync and hoping this was fixed with this release. Has this helped?
I wanted to look into setting this up for a few things but just wanted to know what the downfalls are.


Using the official echo/smartthings integration keeps it totally in sync. Big improvement over the background polling method.:sunglasses:


Awesome…that’s what I wanted to hear! I am reading your FAQ’s for the echo and virtual switches right now, thanks alot!

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Are you talk about my, “work in progess”, Setpoint smart app or successfully get the dimmer to change via Alexa?

Interested in controlling my thermostats setpoint.
This would greatly increase the WAF in my house :smile:

So far so good…but there is one device that isn’t showing up in the device list. My Z-Wave Lock from Yale. Anyone have any luck getting that to show up. Or maybe there is something I am missing since it is a lock.

You will have to use a Virtual Switch for your lock. At the moment the Echo will on do On/Off/Dim items so no locks but from what I read, its seems easy to add it with a virtual switch.

It should b done tonight. Just finalize the ability of the virtual switch and the thermostat to match updates both ways.

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