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Unfortunately, I returned my Drop Cams when the Nest cams came out. Was talking to Wink guys last night , because the only thing that’s not working for me with their Drop Cam app, is to change my cams names. They thought it was weird that my Nest cams were even discovered. Not even the old drop cam app discovered the new cams. Had to use the new nest app.

Both the dropcams and nest cams have sound and motion detection. Not sure about Wink. But Nest app does it correctly. Using two of both.

Which is where the “Alexa” name in the analytics company definitely comes from. That was part of their marketing back before Amazon bought the company back in the 90’s. See the link above.

@smart I have a daughter whose name is similar, and it’s annoying having Alexa respond several times a day. Amazon isn’t much better since (as Prime members) we say it too much.

Just read this thread, as I read pretty much anything with Echo in it… it seems like a lot of fellow ST’ers have integrated ST with Echo. Is there a definitive “how-to” on this forum that someone can point me to? Thanks!

There are two “man in the middle” methods, a hack, and some people with Amazon developer accounts working on authorized integrations. Info on all of these in the FAQ:

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God bless her Amazon should discount everything in her shopping list.:slight_smile:

I know they both have those features but the Dropcams did not used to provide API level access to those - hence the scenarios we could create were a bit limited (or we had to tie in another device like an external motion sensor)

Dropcam and nest can do expose motion and sound events in the api. Just not where it should be. They don’t offer realtime alerts. However if you poll the event history api, you can get last x events.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any external triggers for motion or sound events other than email alerts.

So it is possible but not ideal to poll every x for events but way outside the bounds of the api tos.


They make use of both within their hub for both Drop Cam Pro and Nest Cam.

See above from @pstuart. What he said. I want to start my video stream or send a burst of 10 photos when motion is detected and alert me via a push notification from SmartThings. Not practice with the way they expose these features in current API without using another device (like an external motion sensor)

Well, yes, I see your point. If you turn off the camera, it puts the sensors to sleep too. However, one advantage that Wink has over the new nest app, is that you can get notification on each event. Looks like they are polling the cams every 5 min. That was my biggest complain to Nest, because they now force users to only get notifications every 30 min with the new app, which defeats the purpose of having them as ‘baby monitors’. As for using the nest sensors, especially the sound one, it may be appealing to some people who don’t have an extra sensor and don’t care if the cam is always on, but rather always protected (like a second home where they want to catch the guy who broke the window to get in).

In case anyone didn’t know @zpriddy has set up a connection with the ECHO and ST. He is posting his progress and code here.

Or have the device disable itself from voice control if no one is home.

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wouldn’t that require presence to be working consistently?!?

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wouldn’t that require presence to be working consistently?!?
[/quote]Yeah. However, you could combine presence + motion + modes to be reasonably sure someone was INSIDE and talking vs OUTSIDE.

From outside: "Alexia tell smarthome to unlock front door"
Alexa: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. The home is in Away mode, no motion has been detected for hours, and no one is present. Phoning police now” (of course, Alexia doesn’t phone police, but maybe she flashes the outside lights and sets off an alarm. Just for fun.)

That’s the way I’d code it, anyway.


Why even put “unlock the front door” into Echo? What’s the point?

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Why even put “unlock the front door” into Echo? What’s the point?
[/quote]Queue @JDRoberts to explain HA for the handicapped person…


I was thinking the same thing :smile:

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Although I’m actually with @bravenel on this: The thing about Echo is that it’s a shared control system, anyone can use it. I don’t want someone standing outside my house to be able to yell “Alexa, unlock the door,” and have the door open.

If the echo ever adds voice authentication, it could be useful from inside the house as I do use touch free control of the lock from both sides.

For now though, I use my Apple Watch with voice for lock management. I also have a proximity switch which recognizes my iPhone.

But locks specifically are not something I see as fitting the current Echo paradigm. :sunglasses: